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Payment Calculator (Win 32 only)

This is a free program that is freely redistributable.  It will calculate any kind of loan payment, but is particularly good for calculating the cost of home ownership and vehicle purchase.

Here's a screen capture of the program:

If you'd like a custom version of this program--with your own artwork and web site--that you could distribute to your customers, contact me.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT
  • Pointing device, such as a mouse or trackball
  • 1 meg of disk space

Download Instructions

When you press the download link, you'l be given the choice of saving the program to a file or installing it directly.  It's your choice.  If you want to make multiple installations of the program, save as a file.  Then you can run the setup program on a number of different computers, or pass it on to friends.

The setup program for the Payment Calculator allows you to select the location of the program on your computer.  It will automatically add icons for the program to your Start|Programs menu

Download the Payment Calculator now.


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